The Sacrament of the Sick and Pastoral Care of the Dying

When the Church cares for the sick, it serves Christ Himself in the suffering members of His Mystical Body. When it follows the example of the Lord Jesus, who "went about doing good and healing all" (Acts 10:38), the Church obeys His command to care for the sick (Mark 16:16).   The Church shows this solicitude not only by visiting those who are in poor health but also by raising them up through the Sacrament of Anointing and by nourishing them with the Eucharist during their illness and when they are in danger of death. Finally, the Church offers prayer for the sick to commend them to God, especially in the last crisis of life.                                    - Decree Sacred Congregation For Worship, Pastoral Care of the Sick  

Please call the rectory to arrange a time when it would be convenient for you to receive Holy Communion or the Sacrament of the Sick.  Viaticum is administering the Holy Eucharist to the dying.  Viaticum is not the last rites of the dead and should not be confused with the prayers for the dead. Putting it simply you need to be alive to receive the Sacrament of the Sick/Viaticum. Please do not wait until time has passed and is no more. If you are ill, are going to the hospital for a procedure, are home bound [confined to the home] do not hesitate to call the rectory.  In your kindness, please remember all of our parishioners and friends who are ill and/or hospitalized.    Twice a year, in the autumn and spring, the Sacrament of the Sick is celebrated within the 4 o'clock Saturday Vigil Mass.